Brief review of major historical destinations around the place

If you chance to be in Coal Harbour and want some taste of history, you won’t be disappointed. The neighborhood in Vancouver has many historical landmarks and museums to quench your intellectual thirst.

The Top Places for Historical Lovers in Coal Harbour

So, what are the places that you can visit in Coal Harbour that you would love? Don’t worry, we have got all the options out for you – here are top 5 historical destinations in Coal Harbour that you would love to visit! (more…)

What are the best places to eat and drink around Harbour?

Coal Harbour is a picturesque town visited by both tourists and businessmen. The quiet and calm town has plenty of natural attractions with lush green spaces, the calm waters and a soothing backdrop of magnificent mountains.

The town is quite exciting when it comes to eating and drinking! You will find many popular restaurants, bars, and cafes which both locals and tourists visit throughout the day. (more…)

Top 5 attractions in Coal Harbour worth visiting

Coal Harbour in Vancouver is a quaint small town that you would love to visit. In spite of being an industrial center, it does have that small town charm that you are sure to fall in love with. The calm waters and idyllic scenery calms and soothes tourists provides a relaxing atmosphere from the busy city life and makes it a great place to visit if you are looking to spend some time with nature and yet be around people. (more…)