Brief review of major historical destinations around the place

If you chance to be in Coal Harbour and want some taste of history, you won’t be disappointed. The neighborhood in Vancouver has many historical landmarks and museums to quench your intellectual thirst.

The Top Places for Historical Lovers in Coal Harbour

So, what are the places that you can visit in Coal Harbour that you would love? Don’t worry, we have got all the options out for you – here are top 5 historical destinations in Coal Harbour that you would love to visit!

1. Olympic Installation

The landmark showcases the efforts of Vancouver when it hosted the 2010 Olympics and Paralympic Winter Games. The must visit attraction gives a chance to discover the work of the artist Douglas Coupland who made the iconic outdoor cauldron. Visitors throng to see the tripod like installation carrying the flames of the Olympics and it is one of the top historical attractions of the neighborhood.

It is located at Vancouver Trade and Convention Centre in Coal Harbour.

2. Jack Poole Plaza

The place is adjacent to the Olympic installation and offers excellent views of the region with the mountain and water forming the backdrop. You can even find community gatherings happening throughout the year such as the Mexican Day Independence Festival and Pakistan Festival.

It was built in honor of Jack Poole, who played a big part in hosting the 2010 Winter Paralympics and 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. He died suffering from pancreatic cancer in 2009.

3. Coal Harbour History Museum

You can take a tour of the Coal Harbour History Museum to get an idea of the transformation the town has gone through. You can find many interesting artifacts related to seaplanes, logging and whaling.

There is the main hangar which houses old engines collected from different parts of the forest. The huge 20 feet jaw bone of a blue whale is also really interesting to look at it is supposedly the largest in the world!

The museum tells the past of Coal Harbour in the days when it used to be a whaling station.

4. Devonian Harbour Park

The park is located at the entrance of Stanley Park at the Georgia Street entrance. The 4.42-hectare green space provides a quiet place for people who want to relax surrounded by the beauty of nature.

The place has its own historical importance too. The area was cleared and used for living by the early settlers from Hawaii. They used to call the place as ‘Kanaka Ranch’ but today you won’t find any sign of their existence.

The park also hosts two beautiful sculptures- one of an old lady sitting in a bench and another art piece called ‘Solo’ created by the artist Natalie McHaffie.

5. Port of Vancouver Discovery Centre

The Centre gives you a wonderful opportunity to learn about the Port of Vancouver and its history. There are many presentations and interactive sessions which tell the story of the place, its early development, trade and other historical aspects.

Which of these are you planning to visit first?

What are the best places to eat and drink around Harbour?

Coal Harbour is a picturesque town visited by both tourists and businessmen. The quiet and calm town has plenty of natural attractions with lush green spaces, the calm waters and a soothing backdrop of magnificent mountains.

The town is quite exciting when it comes to eating and drinking! You will find many popular restaurants, bars, and cafes which both locals and tourists visit throughout the day.

The top places you can visit in Coal Harbour

So, what are the best places to hang out in Coal Harbour and enjoy the food you love? Today we will explore some of the best among them!

1. The Mill Marine Bistro

If you want to relax with a great view and a pizza, the Mill Marine Bistro is the place for you. It has got the largest outdoor patio in Vancouver. The waterfront bistro serves a wide range of menu including sandwiches, pizzas and other healthy bistro dishes.

You can find the place at 1199 West Cordova Street.

2. Chewies Steam & Oyster Bar

This eatery serves some of the best seafood preparations in the whole of Vancouver. The restaurant is located at 110-1055 West Hastings Street and can be found easily. You can order from a range of seafood dishes such as shrimp Creole gumbo, hush puppies, and fried gator.

The food is inspired by soul food of New Orleans and you will find some delightful local seafood preparations.

3. Tap and Barrel

The restaurant and bar serve a global menu of comfort food which includes burgers, hand stretched pizzas, sandwiches, salads, and desserts. You can also enjoy some wine or beer looking at the excellent view formed by the combination of Stanley Park, Burrard Inlet, and the North Shore Mountains.

The place is located at 1055 Canada Place.

4. LIFT Bar and Grill

This plush restaurant and bar are placed right on the water at 333 Menchions Mews. You can sit right on the edge of the water and enjoy your lunch or dinner looking at the open seas. The eatery serves a wide range of menu whether you are having dinner, lunch, breakfast or brunch. They have some signature dishes which you must try!

You can get a bit tipsy on wine, beer or cocktails and enjoy the happy hour with attractive discounts.

5. Cactus Club Café

Cactus Club Café has many locations in Vancouver but none offers the view it does. You get breathtaking views of Stanley Park and the North Shore Mountains while enjoying your meal.

The café also has an outdoor patio to enjoy the view. You can order burgers, chicken wings, tuna poke bowl, steaks, fries and an assortment of delicious preparations.

6. Prestons

It is one of the favorite spots of the locals to enjoy some butter chicken, west coast tuna or regional seafood. You can find the restaurant at 1177 West Pender Street and take your family on a dinner outing!

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Top 5 attractions in Coal Harbour worth visiting

Coal Harbour in Vancouver is a quaint small town that you would love to visit. In spite of being an industrial center, it does have that small town charm that you are sure to fall in love with. The calm waters and idyllic scenery calms and soothes tourists provides a relaxing atmosphere from the busy city life and makes it a great place to visit if you are looking to spend some time with nature and yet be around people.

What can you do in Coal Harbour?

Let’s explore the top sightseeing attractions in Coal Harbour which you can visit during a day’s trip.

1. Coal Harbour Seawall Destination Walk

The 5.77 km long stretch gives you a wonderful opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views along with exemplary examples of history and architecture. You can see famous buildings and a web of green patches that share the beautiful seawall.

Your 7572 step walk starts at Canada Place which is Vancouver’s centre of economic activities. It is the pride of the nation and recognized by the white sails. You can also access a cruise ship terminal and get to see various activities conducted around the year. The walk also includes many interesting historical points which have detailed educational plaques marked alongside.

2. Walk around Stanley Park

You will find many green patches and beautiful parks while taking a stroll around Stanley Park. You can sit on a bench and just watch the boats pass by with the occasional floatplanes landing in the distance.

Sip a cola while you watch different people and cyclists passing by in the calming atmosphere. The water with a scenic backdrop of the mountain creates a picture-perfect evening for you!

You can enjoy a harbor cruise on the serene waters or take an exciting seaplane tour of the city. The bird’s eye view of the town crafted with natural splendors really makes the flight worth it!

3. Coal Harbour Marina

The Coal Harbour Marina is only a short distance from the Stanley Park so you can just walk down. The lush green stretch gives you the chance to view luxurious boats and yachts leaving the port or arriving. There are many parks and restaurants for spending a few hours taking a stroll the area.

You can also indulge in shopping if you get bored of watching the boats sail by!

4. Jack Poole Plaza

The venue was built for the 2010 Vancouver Olympics and should be included in your day trip. The public space sports a great waterfront and you can see the famous Olympic Cauldron which looks like a tripod. You can catch excellent views of the Burrard Inlet with green mountains at the backdrop.

If you walk to the Convention Center West Building, you can also see historical plaques and wonderful public artwork.

5. Vancouver Aquarium

Local and tourists both make up the visitors of the Vancouver Aquarium in Coal Harbour. It is located inside Stanley Park and hosts diverse marine life including different fishes and dolphins. You can also enjoy the educational presentation of marine ecosystems.